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Dr. Stephen Hawking is regarded by many as one of the smartest people in the world.  As a scientist his research is well-respected by many.  On Monday I read an article where Hawking called Heaven and the afterlife, “a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.” For those who don’t know Hawking suffers from “motor neurone disease.”  One of the effects of the disease is that e is unable to speak without the aid of a voice synthesizer, he also suffers from being paralyzed to a great degree.  Hawking apparently has admitted according to the article that at least one of the reasons he is taking such a negative view of Heaven and God is the suffering of his own disease.  The sad reality is that the Gospel offers hope to all of us who have been impacted by sin.  There is coming a day when all believers in Christ will be gloriously be transformed and sin will be done away with along with all its effects.  There will be no sickness, no pain, no suffering.  We believers will in fact have a glorified body designed to live forever in perfect health so that we can worship and serve God without hindrance for all eternity.  I’m thankful that Heaven is no “fairy story for those afraid of the dark.” It’s as real as God, as real as Christ, and as certain as His resurrection.  Stephen Hawking has suffered much in this life and I only pray that he will be surrounded by Christians who would be faithful to share the truth while not looking for a fight.  When we hear words like Hawking’s coming from someone with much influence in the scientific world it may be easy for one to get in “fight” mode and to say things that are mean-spirited.  Even biblical truth can be shared in an un-biblical spirit.  Paul taught if one doesn’t teach, preach, share, and minister in love they are simply a clanging symbol.  No doubt most of us will never meet Stephen Hawking, but many of us will meet people like Hawking.  People who think they have it figured out, people who have been impacted by experiencing or witnessing suffering in this world, and people who scoff at the idea of God and Gospel.  In those moments we need to be a people who share the truth in a spirit of love.  May Hawking’s life be impacted by many who believe in what he calls a “fairy story.”  Let’s pray that God would open his eyes and those like him to truth of the Gospel so that He can know our great God and have no reason to be afraid of eternal darkness.

3 thoughts on “Is Heaven a “Fairy Story?”

  1. “The sad reality is that the Gospel offers hope to all of us who have been impacted by sin. ”

    Just out of morbid curiosity, what sort of sins is Dr. Hawking supposed to have committed that apparently made the deity you believe in paralyze him?

    1. I was not implying that there is a specific sin that Dr. Hawking committed that led to him being paralyzed. The point is that all people, myself included, are impacted by the effects of sin on the world. The Bible teaches “for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) We are all sinners by nature and by choice (Romans 5, Romans 3:10) and the wages of sin is death (Rom. 6:23). The effects of sin are far reaching and when sin entered the world suffering and death entered with it. We have suffering and death in the world as a result of sin being in the world. The point is that through Christ, sin, death, and Hell have been defeated. When one trusts Christ’s finished work on the cross and in His resurrection he is given new life and will one day experience Heaven, a place without sin, suffering, and death. I Hope that helps.

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