The last three weeks at Foureleven we have been walking through the book of Philippians.  We are taking large portions of Scripture and are roughly covering a chapter each week.  We are not covering every verse but are focusing on certain large passages in each chapter and trying to get the general idea of each chapter, theme, and the book as a whole.

Below I have posted the sermon notes for our first three sermons of the series and the audio links for the first two.  We some how lost the audio for this week’s service, “Loser’s That Win” on Philippians 3.  Next week we will look at chapter four and contentment.

Week 1:

Audio Sermon: Priorities>Put the Gospel First>Philippians 1

Sermon Notes: Put the Gospel First>Philippians 1

Week 2:

Audio Sermon: Attitude>Humility>Philippians 2

Sermon Notes: Attitude>Humility>Philippians 2

Week 3:

Sermon Notes: Losers that Win>Philippians 3

Week 4:

Audio Sermon: Contentment> Philippians 4

Sermon Notes: Contentment> Philippians 4

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