Last week in our high school ministry at MeadowBrook we started a series on relationships and dating called “Boy Meets Girl.”  I’ve never read Joshua Harris’ book by the same title, though from what I know of his ministry I am sure it is great, I simply could not think of a better title for our series.  To kick off our series I thought it was important to deal with the sexual sin issue first.

We live in a culture that scoffs at the idea of almost anything sexual being considered sin.  Casual sex and “friends with benefits” are becoming increasingly more common.  Sex is everywhere and our culture is worshiping at its temple regularly.  In the midst of this Christian teenagers are being bombarded with temptation from all sides.  For me it is important that our students understand that if they are going to follow Christ as Lord then His Word and His will must saturate every part of their lives including sexuality.

By clicking on the “audio sermon” link below you can listen to the message on sexual sin and by clicking on the “sermon notes” link below you will find a detailed version of my sermon notes on The Danger of Sexual Sin.   I will also try and post our PPT slides for the series.  The picture above is the slide we used to promote the series on the week before it started.

Audio Sermon: The Danger of Sexual Sin (1 Thess. 4:3-8)

Sermon Notes: The Danger of Sexual Sin (1 Thess. 4:3-8)

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