Over the last three weeks at foureleven we have been journeying through Genesis.  Communicating the same message in our back to back services to two different age groups is a lot of fun…and a challenge.  The first week we looked at Genesis 1 and focused on God’s role in creation.  It’s amazing to me how much we can learn about God in the first chapter in the Bible.  His absolute power and goodness is on full display through His work in creation.  God truly is the center and ther star of the creation story.  The second week we zeroed in on God’s creation of Adam and Eve.  We mostly looked at what it means to be created in the image of God.  What a powerful truth!  To think the holy God of the universe decided to create people…and in his image.  We are different than the animals.  We are unique in the eyes of God.  We discussed how we are created with dignity, value, and worth and for the purpose of glorifying God.  Of course we know the image of God in us has been marred because of the evens of Genesis 3 and its radical impact on all of humanity. 

Genesis 3 is where we camped out last night.  I agree with many others that The Fall account in Genesis 3 is one of the most important chapters in all the Bible.  If we don’t understand what took place in the Garden of Eden it is hard to make sense of the rest of the Bible.  We saw last night how sin absolutely ruins everything.  It ruins our relationship with God and even with others.  The awesome thing to me about the passage is that in Genesis 3:15 God preaches the first Gospel sermon.  In the midst of sin first entering the picture of humanity God already has the way back to Him mapped out.  Genesis 3 drips with our sinfulness as we can see ourselves in Adam and Eve, proud and self serving and then ashamed and hiding from God.  That powerful chaper of God’s Word is also gushing with grace though as we see God calling for Adam in the Garden, proclaiming the Gospel, and covering Adam and Eve with animal skins as a picture of the sacrifice that was to come once and for all.  Genesis 3 changed everything for humanity but praise God for His grace and goodness and for His provision in Christ Jesus!  If you have not read the first three chapters of Genesis lately I challenge you to go back and read them.  Read them in light of the rest of the Bible and what we know about God and salvation now through Christ.  God is good.

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