fourelevenlogo12At MeadowBrook we recently launched our new mid-week worship format for our middle and high school students.  Before now MeadowBrook was doing separate middle school and high school services and both were held at 6 PM on Wednesday night. They had a High School Pastor that lead one a service and  Middle School Pastor that lead the other.  Our new format is differnt…differnent means change…but we believe it is a good change. 

When MeadowBrook brought me on staff they had decided to restructure.  Now we have a middle school service at 6PM and high school is at 7:15PM and both are still on Wednesday night.  Our new format allows for us to structure our staff according to strengths and passions, continue to target middle and high school separately, and use one room with our best resources for worship.  We just finished our second week in this format and it was technically our “kick-off night.”

We are excited to see what God is going to do in the lives of students and families at MeadowBrook.  I am pumped about the opportunity to to teach God’s Word to our students in both services and to be able to connect with all of our students in one night.  Getting ready for Wednesday night is a blast and Wednesday itself is exhausting … but a good exhausting.  I pray God does a mighty work in the hearts of students in the Gadsden area and that He raises up students and families thatt will follow Christ at all costs for His glory.

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