“When You Pray…” – Starting Sunday


If you want to see an awkward hush fall over a room just ask this question… “Would anyone like to lead us in prayer?” Many people are very uncomfortable praying in public or even in small gatherings with friends. They say public speaking is everyone’s biggest fear, well public prayer is talking to God … in public. So it’s the perfect nightmare for many. Public prayer is one thing, how do we feel about our personal prayer lives? Is this an area we can grow and mature in? Sure it is! It’s recorded in Luke 11 that Jesus’ first disciples asked Him to teach them to pray, they knew they could learn more. I can’t think of a better teacher on prayer than Jesus. He’s the very one that makes it possible for believers to approach God with confidence. This Sunday at North Park we launch a new series called “When Your Pray.” Prayer is a critical component of the Christian life. It has been said that for the Christian prayer is like breathing. Will you join us the next three weeks as we take this journey together studying this critical topic? This Sunday we will begin with looking at how not pray and how to pray. Then at the end of the service I will randomly call on someone to pray publicly. Kidding! Hope you will make plans to join us Sunday at 10:45 a.m. at North Park.

Christmas @ North Park


I hope you are planning to join us for worship this Sunday at North Park.  If you grew up in a family that hardly if ever went to church, if you did happen to sneak in a Sunday, it was likely during Christmas or Easter. One has to wonder how many families that do not normally darken the door of the church would be willing to do so this coming Sunday, simply because it’s the Sunday closest to Christmas.

Do you have family in town for the holidays or do you have family who do not normally attend worship? Even those that do not have the joy of knowing Christ as Savior tend to enjoy being with family this time of year. This is a great opportunity to invite your family to attend worship as a family so that they can hear about King Jesus.

This is also a great Sunday to invite friends, neighbors, and/or co-workers to worship. Christmas like Easter is one of two times a year that people may be more open to an invitation …. what if they are sort of expecting it or even better what if they want you to invite them? I can’t promise that. You also won’t know until you ask them.

Here are the two opportunities you have to invite people to this weekend:

10:45 a.m. Morning Service- We will sing Christmas carols, we will study Matthew 2:1-12, and we will partake in the Lord’s Supper.

6 p.m. Candle Light Service- A great time involving singing, God’s Word, and lighting candles to signify how the Light of the World now calls us to go and be the light as He shines through us. This service will also have a hot cocoa bar. Who doesn’t like hot cocoa?

Hope to see you this Sunday!

The Big Move

Picture taken from http://www.thermocromex.com.

As we get ready to transition out of Summer and into Fall there is another transition happening in our families life. On September 9 I will preach my first sermon as Senior Pastor of North Park Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida. This is an exciting time for Kristi and me. As with any move it is bittersweet as we will say good-bye to friends and ministry partners of the last few years here at MeadowBrook. This move is something God has been preparing us for and we are confident in His leading. I am thankful for the investment MeadowBrook has made in our lives over the last few years as I served on staff. My time at MeadowBrook has been an eventful time as I have gotten engaged, married, and now we are expecting our first child December 1. I have also finished my seminary degree while at MeadowBrook, made lasting friendships, and had the privilege of teaching God’s Word to students on a regular basis. As this chapter closes and a new one begins we are grateful for God’s leading and for this new opportunity.

North Park is a church celebrating its 90th anniversary. Several years ago the church sensed it was time to relocate from its original location in the Colonialtown area of Orlando. A Navy base located only about 3 miles from downtown Orlando was relocated and a developer bought the land the base had been on. It was on this land that a new area was built from the ground up, this area is called Baldwin Park. Baldwin Park is located in the heart of Orlando and is full of young families. It is in this beautiful area that North Park bought property and relocated.

When I preached in view of a call at North Park we were welcomed with open arms by a loving people. We are excited for what God has in store. We were grateful for the display of support and the affirmation of God’s leading given by the 100% vote on that day. As we prepare to pack up our lives and move to Orlando we do so with great anticipation of the days ahead. It is my hope that North Park will be a body of believers used mightily by God to make disciples in Orlando and around the world.

As we move here are some ways you can pray for us:

1) Pray for Kristi and the baby, that they will be comfortable, healthy and the doctor transition will be effortless.

2) Pray for wisdom as we seek to balance a new life with a new baby, a new city, and a new church family.

3) Pray for North Park and my leadership there as we establish new relationships and begin a new day of ministry.

4) Pray that Jesus will be glorified in all these changes in our lives and family.


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